Walking home back through Kikar Hamedina I saw a plastic chair and gave myself an order to sit down. “Sit” I told myself, “observe. Things are opening up gradually, that is the flowers, the shops…” I looked around and there it was – Zemack Gallery.

I love this one! Not pretentious. There is no accumulation of pieces the grandfather of the gallery owner had acquired from the artist when he/she was young, where you know it must be worth something to someone because of the context in which it was created, way back when, but cannot enjoy it and even feel reprimanded for being this way.

Zemack doesn’t do this to you. It’s always fresh and contemporary. On the flip side it doesn’t exhibit stuff just to say it’s contemporary. You know, the pictures when the supposed artist is spitting in your eye. “I’m allowed to do this!” he/she is exclaiming. You can’t find a context for what they’re saying because there isn’t one (besides the obvious childish one already noted).

Coming in: Wow!!! A bronze lady. She is huge, she is thin. She is towering over you.

It’s difficult to do her description justice. She is awesome.

She is bending over but it is not indecent in any way. First of all, she is so tall, bending over is the only polite posture she could take.

She is wearing boots but they are more an extension of her than a garment. There are no other garments besides the boots and I definitely didn’t resist the urge to check her from behind.

She is a proud lady, looking forward to the street outside. Her texture isn’t smooth, there is nothing about her that is inviting to the touch. On the contrary.

She will let you look at her beauty but there is no invasion of privacy. She is not trying to turn you on and you do not feel shamed for seeing her this way.

She’s just great.

I’m about 1.6 meters high, so she was at least 2 meters high, bent over with her back straight and parallel to the floor, and her head stretched out to look forward. Bravo!!!

[Zemack Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv. Large bronze by Eran Shakine]