The cat and I are putting on fat in preparation for this winter that just isn’t coming. It just isn’t. It’s mid December now and I don’t even have to wear a sweater in the evenings, a T-shirt is enough.

Nobody talks about the absentee winter… Well, F did say something about it yesterday but she’s originally from England so I don’t know that it should count. English people talk of the weather incessantly; Israelis don’t.

There’s the annual surprise of the first rain, of course. The first rain is always a surprise. After nine or ten months of nothing at all dropping from the sky it takes some readjusting. Everyone is really surprised, and then they’re surprised some more. But generally the weather is not something Israelis as a group are concerned about…

Unless, that is, it affects the Sea of Galilee. You may not know this about us but the Sea of Galilee is the apple of our collective eye. Pictures of its over-exposed shores, due to dropping water levels, evoke the concern you’d imagine a grandmother unsuccessful in feeding banana to her grandchild would feel. Very concerned indeed. But now it’s been decided desalinated water will be used to fill this baby up.

Already the setting up of desalination plants allows the water authorities to stop pumping water from the Sea of Galilee altogether. And now this. Can you hear us all burping quietly in contentment?