Inspired by Hillary Clinton’s televised seizure my son, a talented mime, lay on the floor claiming he didn’t feel so well. He said he could barely move his arms and legs, that they just froze up on him. I had a premonition this was in preparation to refusing to go to school the next day. S’ has days on which he simply refuses to go to school. I didn’t want to start the argument the day before so I just said we’ll see. I kept it vague but the next morning I went ahead full throttle.

   My son and I come from a whole family of people who know how to push ahead when the need arises. It’s a matter of pretending, really. I pretended I had enough energy to move the both of us. He kept coming up with stories as to why today was to be an exceptionally bad day at school, and I enthusiastically told him stories where he was the hero that had to fight back, withstand, etc. I even used a bible story.

   The witch of Ein-Dor had King Saul come to her one time, only to have to give him very bad news. After being told he was to lose in the coming battle with the Philistines and, I think, lose his life as well, he had all my son’s symptoms plus some. But the witch, one of those great female roles the bible comes up with, told him he had to go, that he was the king and he just had to finish what he started.

   I told my son he was a king, which made him smile and enabled us to start on the journey to school, me being very “up” the whole way. When we had reached close enough to school he let me go home so I don’t embarrass him in front of the other kids. I was glad, thinking I had safely ensconced my treasure and will not get it back before noon, but my kid, as I said, has days when he just can’t come to terms with being a pupil and all it entails, not withstanding even the invocation of a king.

   He says he started calling at 10:00. He finally found me at 11:00 and gave me a quarter of an hour tops to come and get him. Frankly, tomorrow I’m not even going to start with the process…