Zionism vs. anti-Zionism

Herbert Bentwich (1856-1932)

(Herbert Bentwich (1856-1932

   In my capacity as researcher I’ve come across the following document. It was in the Zionist Archives in Jerusalem, in the Herbert Bentwich file no. A100\46 (Herbert Bentwich, I am happy to note, was my great grandfather).

   Bentwich was one of the members on the Zionist Executive, a Zionist body to whom the British government applied to in 1916, after deciding it wanted to come out with some kind of declaration allowing the Jews a homeland in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration came out on Nov. 2nd 1917 and was only a paragraph long, but there was much discussion and preparation preceding it.

   I first found a letter written by Herbert to one of his many son-in-laws (he had nine daughters) where he says:

“I had a great find the other day in looking through some of the papers in Jerusalem; for I came across the bundle of documents of the Zionist Executive in England for 1916 in there was my original draft proposals for what afterwards became the Balfour Declaration, with letters from the other members (including Sokolow and Weitzmann) containing their observations on the proposals…” [letter from 1929, file no. A100\70 – 34, 35].  להמשיך לקרוא